With the upcoming off-season inching closer and closer, the Clippers have two paths to choose this summer: take a risk and attempt to sign all-star free agents, or go the safe way and rebuild their whole franchise.

Photo Yang 2013 © (CC BY-SA 2.0)

After the Clippers’ shortcoming in the recent 2017 playoffs, being a first-round exit, it is inevitable that something must be done for the Clippers to somehow make it out of the second round for the first time. If the Clippers are taking the path of risk, they need to scout for players who are durable and are able to bring this team to become championship contenders, considering how many of the players, like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, are prone to injuries. Although these players are having consistent injuries every season, they are key assets in the Clippers’ hope to getting a ring. With that being said, the Clippers must look to free agency in hopes of finding someone to back up these stars. One of the most notable stars they could get this summer (although not a free agent) would be Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony
Photo Allison 2013 © (CC BY-SA 2.0)

As evident that the Knicks front office do not want Carmelo Anthony anymore, with owner Phil Jackson stating that, “he is a better player elsewhere.” Anthony, who is about to turn at the age of 32 this upcoming May, must be obtained by the Clippers before his aging overcomes his play-style. There was already an attempt for the Clippers to trade for Carmelo during the season without giving away their ‘Big 3’ of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, or DeAndre Jordan, but Carmelo didn’t waive off his no-trade clause only because he still had games left with the Knicks during the season. But now, as the Knicks’ and Clippers’ season already ended, it is likely for Carmelo to be successfully traded to the Clippers, but the risk is that Carmelo can still back out and join another team.

Photo Verse 2013 © (CC BY-SA 2.0)

As for the rebuilding part, this has already been discussed in a previous blog post, and you can click here to read about the rebuilding option more in depth. But for a short summary if the Clippers want to rebuild, they must give away all their stars to add huge cap space for younger free agents and potential first-round draft picks.


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